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R&D: The minority teacher shortage: Fact or fable?
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 93, No. 1 (SEPTEMBER 2011): 62-65.
By Richard M. Ingersoll and Henry May
This research examines national data on the status of the minority teacher shortage the low proportion of minority teachers in comparison to the increasing numbers of students of color in schools. The authors show that efforts over recent decades to recruit more minority teachers, and place them in disadvantaged schools, have been very successful. But, these efforts have also been undermined because minority teachers have lower retention largely because of poor working conditions in their schools. (4pp.)
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Do We Produce Enough Mathematics and Science Teachers?
Phi Delta Kappan, Vol. 92, No. 6 (MARCH 2011): pp. 37-41.
By Richard M. Ingersoll
Empirical research on the supply and demand of math and science teachers finds some surprising results. The employment of qualified math and science teachers has more than kept pace with the demand, and most schools find qualified teachers for those positions. However, about a third of public schools particularly high-poverty, high-minority, and urban public schools have difficulty finding math and science teachers. This is caused by the high rates of teacher turnover in these schools. (5pp.)
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