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Report Card Grading: Strategies and Solutions
Portland, Oreg.: The Assessment Training Institute, 1999. (video)
Richard J. Stiggins
This video, by Dr. Rick Stiggins, explores the ins and outs of report card grading through insightful discussion and hands-on activities. The video is designed to help educators develop more effective grading practices.(0pp.)

Making Connections
Bloomington, Ind.: Phi Delta Kappa, Center for Professional Development and Services, 1997. Pp. 124. (Out of print.)
Kathleen U. Busick and Richard J. Stiggins
Making Connections is a collection of real-world case studies that supplement the text to Student-Centered Classroom Assessment, by Richard J. Stiggins, and explore provocative issues for group discussion or for personal study. Each case relates directly to key concepts in Student-Centered Classroom Assessment; each is typical of the problems educators encounter every day. The guide also helps trainers become competent, confident classroom assessors.(124pp.)

Assessment Literacy for the 21st Century
Phi Delta Kappan 77, No. 3 (November 1995): 238-245. (Out of print.)
Richard J. Stiggins
The author reviews the positive trends and developments in the area of student and teacher assessment over the last several years, and also cites circumstances that have inhibited their full flourishing. In this article he redefines assessment literacy, considers barriers to assessment literacy and ways to remove them, and presents a four-part plan for school districts to lay a foundation for assessment literacy and build a positive environment for assessment.(0pp.)

Assessment Literacy
Phi Delta Kappan 72, no. 7 (March 1991): 534-539. (Out of print.)
Richard J. Stiggins
The author asserts that educators and non-educators alike are not sufficiently literate in the basics of assessment to be able to understand and interpret achievement data for sound decision-making. In this article Stiggins defines assessment literacy, evaluates how assessment-literate we are, and suggests a three-part plan of action for correcting the long-standing embarrassment of assessment illiteracy.(0pp.)

Revitalizing Classroom Assessment: The Highest Instructional Priority
Phi Delta Kappan, vol. 69, no. 5 (January 1988): 363-368. (Out of print.)
Richard J. Stiggins
Stiggins argues that the reform movement has failed to consider the importance of ensuring the quality and appropriate use of teacher-directed assessments of student achievement. Stiggins summarizes research dealing with classroom assessment and explores the implications of that research for support services in the classroom, for the training and certification of teachers and administrators, and for local, state, and national assessment policy.(0pp.)

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